Extraordinary costumes of surpassing excellence!.

These designs were the mankini of the Victorian era and remained the 'traditional' option into the 1920s.

"I received the Victorian bathing suit yesterday, thanks very much for your help in getting it to me. It's fantastic."

- Mr J.S.
High Holborn

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Men's Striped reproduction Bathing Suits in Blue

The material is cotton/polyester jersey, it is conveniently washable by manservant or by machine, and is suitable for swimming too!

Our old-fashioned blue and white striped bathing costumes are handmade by us here in Brighton. They are based on the kind of outfits worn from Victorian times through to the 1920s.

These unique garments have proper hand-stitched buttonholes, are machine-washable and as they are cotton jersey you really can swim in them!

~ Perfect Leisure attire for ~

  • Sauntering the Sands
  • Crowd Surfing
  • Pre-Marital Imbibing
  • Outclassing Cads & Upstarts
  • House Parties
  • Displaying the Manly Leg
  • Pearl Diving al fresco
  • Entertainingly 'themed' Occasions

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If you'd like us to use different fabrics, need matched or assorted bathers for an event, or have any question at all, please email us at

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